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Bridge to College Mathematics is a Course

Bridge to College Mathematics

Started Jul 27, 2016

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Full course description

Resources and collaboration for Bridge to College math teachers.

Bridge to College Mathematics is a year-long course focusing on the key mathematics readiness standards from Washington State’s K-12 Learning Standards for Mathematics (the Common Core State Standards, CCSS-M) as well as the eight Standards for Mathematical Practices. The course is designed to prepare students for entrance into non-calculus pathway introductory college level mathematics courses. The course addresses key learning standards for high school including Algebra I, statistics, geometry, and Algebra II standards essential for college- and career-readiness.

Course Description: The course curriculum emphasizes modeling with mathematics and the Standards for Mathematical Practice found within Washington K-12 Mathematics Learning Standards (the Common Core State Standards, CCSS-M). Topics include building and interpreting functions (linear, quadratic & exponential), writing, solving and reasoning with equations and inequalities, and summarizing, representing, and interpreting data. The course is designed to focus on building conceptual understanding, reasoning and mathematical skills and provides students engaging mathematics that builds flexible thinking and a growth mindset. For seniors who score in Level 2 on the Smarter Balanced 11th grade assessment and are successful in this course (B or better), the Bridge to College Mathematics course offers an opportunity to place into a college-level course when entering college directly after high school.