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Principals and Administrators Working with Paraeducators is a Course

Principals and Administrators Working with Paraeducators



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Over the past decade, there have been increasing numbers of students eligible for special education receiving services within general education classrooms. This has led to paraeducators often playing key roles in ensuring the successful supports and services for students within their school. In addition, the student population is becoming more culturally and linguistically diverse. As the needs of students are becoming more complex, the skills required of paraeducators are expanding, which means it is paramount for school leaders to carefully hire and actively engage in supporting paraeducators throughout the school year. As paraprofessional roles and responsibilities continue to grow, principals must design systems and supports to ensure high quality personnel and services to students with disabilities and English Learners. The following modules are designed to equip school leaders with the skills necessary to successfully hire and onboard paraeducators.

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