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Recruiting Washington Teachers is a Course

Recruiting Washington Teachers



Full course description

The Recruiting Washington Teachers Program and Curriculum is a product of the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) and is intended to build a teaching pathway for high school students into the profession. The curriculum is rooted in the assets students possess and will benefit and enrich diversity, culture and equity in classrooms and throughout the educational experience.

This Canvas course was developed by a committee of Washington teachers based on big ideas in the Recruiting Washington Teachers Curriculum and on what newer teachers to this curriculum will need/want to know as they prepare to teach this class. Therefore, the modules aren’t a play-by-play of the RWT Curriculum, but rather a deeper dive on selected topics, information and resources that will be most useful to assisting a newer teacher's understanding and preparation for the class. That said, the information and activities in these modules is relevant to any educator, whether they are teaching this course or not, and address important understandings about culture and equity in education that are good for the development and growth of all educators.  

While the modules in this course do not need to be completed in order, they do follow a suggested organization for a class that may be helpful to a newer RWT teacher. Modules 1 – 5 are aligned with units 1 – 5 in the RWT Curriculum. Modules 6 – 9 are more of the “how-to” of building and implementing a teacher academy program in a school and district and also provide systems information about the teaching continuum in Washington State.

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