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Understanding the Adolescent Brain is a Course

Understanding the Adolescent Brain



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Our brains develop throughout our lives, and life experiences play a role in creating brains that are uniquely wired from one individual to another. During ages 0-3, neural connections are created at a rapid pace. During adolescence, the experiences we have enhance or diminish these neural connections. Adolescence is an incredible time that we all experience but once in our lives. Our brains are at their peak ability to learn and remember, sensations are heightened, and we are mentally confronting some of life’s most profound pleasures and challenges for the first time.

This evolution, however, can stress relationships between adolescents and adults, and at times it can feel like we're looking at each other through a funhouse mirror. By better understanding the developmental changes in the brain, we can practice strategies for making the most of this open window, and we can maintain and strengthen relationships in a way that’s better for youth, for families, and for the community. 

While research on the adolescent brain continues to develop and be debated, this series of modules is designed as an introduction for youth and adults to some of the key areas of concurrence:

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